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    I have a fairly comprehensive list of things I take with me when I go away that I’ve been working on for about the past 10 years over various holiday and work excursions here and there. In terms of tent etc, I have a 1-pole 2 man tent (about 1.6kg with pegs), an inflatable 3/4 length sleeping mat (600g), and a down sleeping bag (580g). I usually carry a tiny little light hammer for tapping pegs into hard ground, and allow myself the luxury of a little camping pillow I have (about 200g). What do others have in the way of tents and sleeping?

    • I like the 2 man tent as it allows me to keep my gear inside, and if you have to spend a day or two in it, it has plenty of room! 🙂

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        We use a 4 person for the the same reason.

        • I use a 2 people tent for the same reason too 🙂 – I also use an inflatable sleeping mat (it’s kind of heavy but I need it long and comfy :D) -and depending on where I go I have different sleeping bags from light to heavy. I usually use my pullover as pillow.

    • I have been using a Hennessy Hammock for the past few years and its been the best sleeps I’ve had on the road. I’m not sure if I will ever go back to a tent. I’ve combined that with a Big Agnes sleeping bag and pad which is integrated with the sleeping bag so it always stays under you. The rest of my gear I park under the hammock and it stays nice and dry even with some rain. I’ve spent two days in the hammock hanging (literally) out watching the rain and stayed dry the whole time.