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    I love this group. I could go on and on and on about camping recipes, generally I eat whatever I can find. The general rough rules I stick to is something like creamed rice, porridge, semolina in the morning – basically I just get whatever and boil it up with sugar and water/milk, even make it the night before and eat it cold. On the road I tend to find I get all kinds of weird cravings, and have been known to eat a lot of ice creams. I try to avoid fatty fried foods during the day – I’ve seen a lot of guys totally crumble after a fatty lunch.

    Once I’ve finished a ride, within the first 20 minutes it’s a free for all to replenish muscle stores, packets of lollies, all my drinks, cans of coke, whatever I can lay my hands on. A lot of guys have told me chocolate milk is a great after sports drink. Protein with sugar – who am I to argue! A few months ago I started taking a magnesium / calcium supplement twice a day, I’ve found that has been great at eliminating cramps too.