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    Thought I might share my daily health routine on the bike. Apply chamois creme before riding, take it easy for the first 20km to get warmed up nicely. At the end of a ride it’s always the same routine – eat some sugary food immediately off the bike while doing 10 min stretching, have a calcium / magnesium vitamin tablet, shower, apply nappy rash creme to undercarriage, another 15-20 minutes stretching, put compression tights on under trousers and wear them until the following morning. Then go for a good walk and eat a huge amount of food 😉

    • Leon, that is a serious routine. I know I should have one but to be honest I have to remind myself to stretch. I’m too busy wiping the sweat from my brow whilst guzzling the last of my water before heading in for a shower.

      • Yeah I am pretty militant about it. I have an ongoing health issue, if I don’t stay on top of things and I start getting tired and/or injured, the whole things goes downhill pretty quickly!