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    • Welcome to WorldPedal, I just read your profile, cool stuff, let us know more about your planned cycling trip 🙂

      I have started the exact same way like you before I got interested in bicycle touring, me too I hitchhiked for years thru the world with almost no money, living like a bum lol (good times!)…

      • Hi Toni!

        No concrete plans yet, I am traveling right now with my girlfriend, a Latvian girl that I met during my travels -passing through her country-.

        We are in SE Asia but coming back Europe next week. There we plan to try to get money -working, sponsors, any option would be good for us- and as soon as possible get a couple of bikes, good gear and cycle the World.

        I want to travel for years, I already got the travel bug and last months have prove me that I enjoy moving slow. So what best than doing it by bikes?

        I would love to live a nomad life, working on the road and keeping moving, knowing, meeting, sharing, smiling… I want to start right now! 😉

        • Lol, totally understand 🙂

          I did the same thing for years, just keep going (I never regretted it), you will be surprised how little money you will actually need (and how little you will have to work for it hehe).

          Latvia, Hitchhiking, Exploring? I have a feeling we know the same people lol, I have spend a lot of time in the baltics myself, working in hostels, freeloading, hitchhiking up and down.

          Maybe a long shot but do you know a guy called Livijus, he’s my very best buddy in the baltics..

          Toni 🙂