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Benfleet, Essex

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I’m a fit enough guy who jogs and cycles regularily with a spirit of adventure thinking of doing a bicycling tour around Europe or Australia for any length of time (each one having equal benefits and downfalls as I have a passport for both). I’d like to complete my NVQ in Horticulture first by November but am eager to tour what with having the above mentioned spirit of adventure, savings… …and no work as yet!

I’d like to join a group or somebody else in this adventure so feel free to contact me as I am definite about getting away. I have lived in Australia, toured around the globe at length, been a kite surfer, a scuba dive guide and survived a Brain Injury to boot, so I’m resourceful at least.

I do not have a touring bike as yet but would like to do this alongside any suggestion/s.

Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you…