• Johann Mosi Roider posted an update 7 years, 2 months ago

    In some days starts my next tour. It will take me from Austria to Slovenia, Hungaria, Kroatia, Yugoslavia, Romania, maybe Bulgaria, then home to Yugoslavia, Serbia, Kroatia, Italy and back to Austria. This sounds it will take several month, but most of countries I just go through or ride for several km. The complete tour still don’t stand. If there is anybody how would love to join, you’re welcome.
    If there is someone I could meet, this would be wonderful.


    • Yugoslavia? You cycling back in time Mosi? LOL – sounds like a great trip ahead!! Send us some pictures :)… I love this region, hitchhiked around there a few times, great nature and people and food and so diverse. All doable in a few days/weeks by bicycle depending on which route you’re taking but there are some serious climbs as well.. Be careful!! How long you got for this cycle tour?

    • I’m sorry for my mistake. I should have mentioned Serbia instead of Yugoslavia and I go to Bosnia as well.
      I don’t know about my route in detail so far. I take it as it come:) Of course there are mountains and climbings as well and I don’t want to go along the beach because of busy roads during holidays.
      Otherway I can be strong and I have got around two weeks to ride around without any pressure.