• Johann Mosi Roider posted an update 7 years, 3 months ago

    Waiting for some guests. The same I got, I give, even more.

    • Yeah Mosi lives in a real nice region in Austria: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salzkammergut – I think Darren might pass by this area too next year depending on his cycling route 🙂 – Maybe I find some time for skiing this or next year and come visit you 🙂

    • Thankxxxx Toni, a lot of tourists recomment my area as picturesque. There are plenty of sport or relax opportunities to do, Summer or Winter. Right now I get a guest from Korea and tomorrow a guest from the States. Both of them arrive by bike and are on a several weeks long tour trough Europe.
      @Darren, you would be welcome as well. I was so free and visit your profile already. Hello to Australia.
      @Toni, you’re always welcome, with or without bike.

      • Woooh Nice 2 visitors in 2 days? Let them know about our small community maybe they’ll like it and join 😉 – We need members 🙂

      • Oh and thanks 🙂 I might come back on that offer when I have some free time.. I am down to my last bottle of Almdudler already 😀 – BTW Mosi let me know if you need help uploading an avatar..