• posted an update 6 years, 9 months ago

    Departure is on schedule for today 🙂 . Weather may be an issue later this afternoon 🙁 .

    We went through the bags one more time last night.

    We are planning to get 50 miles today.

    Wish us luck and pray that we don’t kill each other on the tandem 🙄


    • lol :D, where are you now Gary… how did you manage the first days back in the saddle??

      • Departed about 9am and headed straight into town on the main road.with no traffic. On the way out of town stopped at the Post Office to get some stamps and adjust load. Bike became more stable. Lots of hill climbing today. We walked up 5, YES 5 hills.

        Did not get as far as we wanted today, but are pleased with the progress. After all the hills today we stopped in Sulphur Well, KY for the night at about 5pm. City park permits camping and has electric and water. Park is on both banks of the South Fork Little Barren River. After a dip in the river we set up camp in the Pavilion because of rain and storms being predicted of which the rain did come. Had a diner of a home made chicken vegetable noodle soup. Both of us are tired but able to sleep, so we played cards by candle light. Turning on the lights at the Pavilion attracted every bug in the area.

      • 4 days 153.59 miles. Today May 10th, we finally found some long stretches without hills