• posted an update 7 years, 3 months ago

    Here is the bike and trailer 4 days before scheduled departure. Basically everything is loaded. There are a few water bottles to be added. I have lost track on how many times I have packed and unpacked and packed again.

    • Wow!! Real nice Gary… I am amazed the stand is holding all this… You guys will have an awesome time 🙂

      • Thanks Toni.

        That is Click-Stand http://click-stand.com/ When I ordered it about 4-5 years ago I questioned the man that makes them about it being able to support all that weight. He stated that it would be able to do it; I was not sure, but… Since the stand is not attached to the bike you have to set the brakes so that the bike will not move. Normally I use the stand at the front seat tube. After I took this photo I moved the bike into the garage and place the stand where I normally use it. The bike tried to fall over. It acted like the front wheel was being picked up. The farther I move the stand back the more stable the bike became. The most stable position is just in front of the rear seat tube between the S&S coupler (silver part better seen when clicking on image) and the rear seat tube.

        A friend here said and I quote ”You guys look like modern day gypsies, but cooler without the horse and cart.”

        I wonder how much we will ship home while on the trip. 😉