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    Here is the list that you asked for Toni. You have to remember that
    · We are packing for two
    · Riding our tandem (rear wheel has 48 spokes, front has 36 spokes with a Son-28 hub [http://www.nabendynamo.de/produkte/SON_28.html])
    · We will be using both panniers and the BOB trailer while.
    · Plan to be gone for 6 months

    3 person tent with ground cover and fly
    2 Sleeping bags and liners.
    2 Inflatable sleeping pads
    2 Inflatable pillows
    MSR stove
    2 fuel tanks for MSR stove with fuel.
    Gel alcohol stove
    2 cans of the Gel
    3-pot cook set
    Eating utensils for 2
    Coffee pot
    First Aid kit
    Spare tubes for both bike and trailer.
    Patch kits
    Multiple use bike tool
    Tire spoons
    2 each of tandem length brake and derailleur cables
    About 12 links of chain.
    Hydration packs and an additional 8 32 oz water bottles.
    A water purification system that removes 99.999% of everything to be used as a last resort.
    Some rope to act as a clothesline.
    Small flashlight
    “Candle Light” and spare candles
    A deck of playing cards
    A bear resistant food container as required in some National Parks we plan to visit.

    The following is a list of stuff that I am packing; Diane is packing a very similar list.
    3 pair of cycling shorts (2 packed – one on)
    4 jerseys (3 short sleeves and 1 long sleeve
    5 pair of socks (three cycling 2 non cycling)
    Cycling shoes
    Rain gear,
    2 different weight jackets
    1 pair of cycling tights
    Arm warmers
    Short & long finger gloves.
    Non-cycling shoes
    2 pair of convertible pants (can be used as either short or full length pants)
    2 non-cycling shirts
    Shower shoes
    Various personal items

    Electronic items include
    GPS receiver.
    Small computer
    Satellite radio
    MP3 player
    Cell phone
    E-Werk (http://www.xxcycle.com/power-supply-and-charging-unit-e-werk,,en.php) to charge and/or power some of the items (takes power from hub)

    I’m sure that I have missed some things at this point.

    • Wow nice Gary, without the BOB there would be no way to transport all this, right? Premium Comfy Prepared Cycle Touring – I like that! 🙂 Had to google: “bear resistant food container” makes total sense, I want one lol.. When are you heading out?

      • We are on schedule to depart on Monday May 7th. 🙂 The only thing that will stop us is weather. Neither of us want to start this trip in the rain.

        Between the stuff in the trailer and panniers we have about 120 lbs (54.5 kg) for the two of us. Without the BOB there is NO way we could put all that on one bike. If we were taking our singles we could spread things out between the two bikes.