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    Anyone out there eating besides me? 😉

    • I do, what’s for dinner Gary? 😀 – I wish I would have some good cooking stories or recipes to share too but I don’t really cook when cycle touring, but I feel it’s going to change soon since I have been spoiled by my wife’s great cooking skills for too long now, so I probably won’t last a week without something tasty, will report back when I’ve mastered the skill of outdoor cooking LOL

      • Hi Toni,

        In reality when we are on the road, other then the dehydrated food we carry we really don’t change our diet much. It just takes some planning to get everything ready with only one stove. Since your wife is a great cook, maybe like us (Diane and I) the two of you can take on different duties around the campsite. Let her cook and you do the rest. 😉