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    The new banner looks GREAT 😎

    • Banner is still the same I assume you mean the changes to navigation etc… but it’s funny that you mention banner… A new complete banner/header is in the making 🙂 It’s gonna look great!

      • I was considering the whole section above the white part, the banner. 🙁 Yes the navigation area does look nice, liking the gold. New statement at the bottom is interesting. I need to think about starting a blog/journal when we take off. 🙂

        • Thanks, also I have found a font that I am really happy with and should work across all browsers 🙂 – thanks Google lol… Regarding the Cycle Touring Blog/Journal it can be about past trips too or even just thoughts about bicycle touring.. But I am not yet completely done with the set-up, just want to see if there is any interest..