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    “What do you want for supper?”
    That is the question every evening at home and the normal response is “I don’t know.” So what do we eat while on the road?

    As I said in another post we start off with a couple days of food. This food is normally the same type that backpackers use. You know the “complete meal in a bag” the ones where you just add boiling water. The number of these that we start out with depends on the area we are planning to be touring in. If we know that there is going to be an area that supplies will be difficult obtain, we will carry more of these then if we are in an area where supplies are plenty. When we purchase these bagged meals we look for the ones that feed 4 since the servings are a bit small. We do not eat these “complete meal in a bag” exclusively.

    Since we frequently are traveling in areas where supplies are available we try to purchase something everyday or at least every other day.

    What we eat is usually a one or two pot meal. We have been known to have a 3-course meal in the evening. We have had spaghetti with meat sauce, salad, garlic bread, and finished that with cheesecake. Washing it all down with a bottle of wine. In a previous posting (http://worldpedal.com/questions/cooking) I talked about cooking the sauce and spaghetti.

    Getting back to the one-pot meals, during our shopping stop of the day, we will pick up some fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, and our main item for the evening meal. Depending what time of the day that we make our stop, and the temperature of the day, will have some influence on what we pick up. If the stop is early in the day, we may pick up something in a can, like beef stew. Of course we have some bread (left from lunch) with the stew and fresh vegetables. If we have any cheese left we will have that while the main part of the meal is cooking. For desert we will have a piece of fruit. If the temperature is cool we may pick up some type of meat and wrap it in a few layers of paper and towels and stuff it down low in the trunk on the bike. The boxed Mac & Cheese is another one pot meal that we will have. Normally we will add additional cheese as well as some cut up hot dogs or some type of sausage.

    When we are having one of the “complete meal in a bag” it is supplemented with some fruit and/or vegetables. If the “complete meal in a bag” is not available in the 4 serving size we will “cook’ two smaller of the similar type, i.e., two different Mexican dishes. Some of these meals will be a breakfast type and have been eaten as either breakfast or supper.

    Of course there are the days that we just have to have some Pizza and Beer and don’t feel like cooking. Due to the expense of eating out, those days do not happen very often.

    As you can tell there is a theme with most of our meals. We always try to have something fresh. The one thing we don’t do is, go hungry.

    • Nice one. I’m going away for 4 days next week with a mate on a little tour, we’re going to have a crack at taking nothing at all for food, and no cooking gear. Could be interesting!

    • lol, this really is your kind of group Gary :D… Nice!! I love these Pizza and Beer evenings (take out to the base camp) 🙂

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        “lol, this really is your kind of group Gary 😀 … Nice!! I love these Pizza and Beer evenings (take out to the base camp) 🙂 “

        I figured if I was going to start one, it would be something that I like to do. Eat ;-). Normally we will eat the Pizza at the Bar/Restaurant. 😀 That way we can mingle with the locals and talk about the area and what we are doing there. 🙂