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    I promised everyone lunch just before the site hack.

    I do have to admit that one day last summer (2010) on a weeklong tour (I was riding with three other guys and not Diane), I ate multiple Ice Cream sandwiches for lunch and washed them down with electrolyte drink, but that is not normal. Too make things even better I had ate 2 Ice Cream sandwiches and drank a diet cola for a post ride snack that same day.

    Lunch is really nothing special; frequently we will have either Tuna Fish, Chicken Salad, or Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches.

    When having the tuna we use the tuna in the foil bag not the can. Don’t have to worry about disposing of the can and all the liquid in the can or finding a can opener lost someplace in one of the bags or is it in the trailer or did we forget it. We will pick up a couple packets of mayo, relish, and chopped onions at a convenience store earlier in the day or even a day or two before. We do this when stopping for something to drink or eat or even the bread. Using the foil bag as a mixing bowl we add the above-mentioned items to the tuna. Using a fork we mix all the ingredients and spread it onto bread.

    Chicken Salad is done the same way as the tuna.

    Of course Peanut Butter & Jelly is self-explanatory.

    No matter what sandwich we are having we try to have some fresh fruit and/or vegetables and frequently some cheese. I have to admit after a couple days the block of cheese starts to get a bit oily, but it is normally gone in a couple days. Since we frequently have a water bottle of some type of electrolyte drink with us we will have that along with water with the sandwiches.

    Where do we normally have lunch at while on the road? Will first we look for some place that has shade, our top two choices are Churches with some type of cover and frequently they will have picnic tables. The other is a cemetery. Frequently the cemetery is our first choice. Why cemeteries? 1) Normally they have lots of shade, although the newer ones frequently don’t have a tree. 2) They are quiet, unless there is funeral then we don’t stop. 3) There is a lot of local history to be found there. While eating we will walk around the cemetery looking at the different stones. Walking also keeps us from getting stiff while off the bike(s). Only one time has someone asked us what we were doing at a cemetery, but were never asked to leave.

    But will the best laid plans of mice and men frequently our lunch plans change in a heartbeat. We have been known to stop at a small town café mid morning and have some coffee and pastry or pie or something gooey. That being the case we may skip lunch and have an early evening meal.

    Speaking of evening meals that will be my next installment. Bon Appétit.