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    Since I started this group, I guess I should post something other then replies to other postings in the group.

    Iā€™m just going to address breakfast in this post. First thing is to make COFFEE since there are two of us we carry an 8 cup peculator, remember we are traveling with a B.O.B. YAK trailer. After the coffee is ready we then boil some water for our instant oatmeal, which we will have along with some fresh fruit that we purchased the day or two before. After a few days of oatmeal, we will have some pancakes and eggs (powered). If we were fortunate enough and found a store that sells bacon by the pound (kilogram) we would have purchased about 6 slices the day before. Wrapping the bacon in many layers of paper and a couple towels keeps it cold. In the event that we are staying put for a day or two we will find a restaurant (we like the small family own ones) and eat a large breakfast the day we are not moving on.

    Midday meal in my next update. I bet your waiting with bated breath. LOL