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    So far so good. I have to admit that Leon stumped me with a couple of his dishes. Semolina and Couscous. Both are terms that this American had never hear. After a quick Google search I have learned that the two are related and both come from the grinding of wheat.
    Thanks Leon, this group is going to educational. For me at least.

    • no worries! Great thing about cous cous is how easy it is to prepare. Just get 1 cup of cous cous, add 1 cup of boiling water, cover, then walk off for 5 minutes and it all absorb in and “cooks” it, although it really just rehydrates and warms up technically.

      I’ll often fry up some onion and meat (like sausages or chicken meat) with some herbs and salt / pepper / whatever I can borrow or beg for a bit of flavour. Chop up the meat into fork size bits, chop up a tomato, make some cous cous, mix all the meat and onion and cous cous and tomato together in the pot, with all the crusty bits from the pot to give it a “rustic” flavour – easy quick delicious feed! 🙂

      While you’re having your dinner, boil up the remaining cous cous in milk (well, water and milk powder!) with a bit of sugar and nutmeg (optional). Bung it into a bowl and let it cool, and there is your low GI (from the cous cous) , high protein (milk powder) and morning sugar blast breakfast. Plus you can do all the dishes at night and just have to rinse out the bowl you stored your food in before you leave. 🙂

      • Warning: that breakfast option is a seriously heavy calorie bomb though, and therefore totally excellent!

    • I love couscous a lot but it never occurred to me that it could be an easy cycle touring meal. Me too I am learning a lot here, this group will most likely change my food behaviours on the road and safe me from spending money in restaurants when am graving something good 🙂 Thanks!

      • Yeah man, I very rarely have my evening meal in a restaurant – my sit down “nice” meal is usually lunch, in a cafe somewhere, I find if it’s mid ride day I choose better food options as well. Evenings for me I just like to restock the muscle glycogen immediately after I stop with quick release sugars, have something simple for dinner as early as I can, usually before the sun goes down, then that gives me 4-5 hours free before bed to walk around, explore, chill out!

        • Other thing about the early dinner setting up camp, you can usually grab some fresh ingredients like meat half an hour or so beforehand, no need to refrigerate, just cook it up fresh.

          • Then it’s time for icecream or chocolate Leon.

            The nice thing about cycle touring is buying local ingredients on the go. If all goes pear shaped, boil up some noodles and chow down.