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    What is a bicycle tour?

    Is there a minimum distance required for a bike ride to be called a tour?
    Are there a minimum number of days required for a ride to be called a tour?
    Is there a minimum amount of equipment required to be carried on the bike to be a tour?

    I have read many books and stories about people who have traveled around the world, across the country (USA), and from the top of the North American continent to the bottom of the South American continent as well and multiple state trips. Because of books and stories like that, the image that most people have is a bike loaded down with many pounds of equipment, riding off for months or even years on the road.

    My longest trip in time was seven (7) days with my wife. It was a self-supported trip on our tandem. Did this meet the minimum number of days required to be called a tour?

    My longest tour in distance about 420 miles it too was 7 days. This was an organized trip moving from motel to motel again with my wife on our tandem and only thing on the bike was the two of us. Was this a tour since we did not have to haul anything? Was this trip not a tour since it was only 420 miles?

    In 1985 I rode my bike loaded with camping equipment 212 miles in two days from my house in Durham, North Carolina to the foot hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and back, was that a tour?

    What about an afternoon ride in the county side or an all day organized ride? Can running errands on the bike be considered a tour?

    What is the purpose of a tour? Is it to just to get from point A to point B? If so then I can do that in my car, on a bus, on a train or airplane.

    For me a tour is getting from point A to point B while enjoying the sites and smells along the way. Getting to point B from point A could be just a few miles or it could be thousands. Point A and point B can be the same place. Each time I go for a ride, be it for an hour or many days for me it is a tour. Some are just shorter then others. It is not how far I go, or what I haul, or how long I’m gone, but what I see, hear, smell, sometimes taste, and who I meet along the way. It is all about the experience.

    Currently we are in the planning stage of our tour. Not sure how far, how long, or how much we are taking, but it will be a TOUR.

    • Awesome Post Gary!!! A Bicycle Tour for me is when I am getting on my bike going somewhere for no other reason then leisure/experience… If I get out my road bike with no panniers and ride a couple hours just to enjoy the nature and the ride itself it is already a tour for me…

    • Nice, I’m with you. For me it’s all about doing somewhere new and doing something different, no matter how far away / long it takes. A year or a day can both qualify. I also like doing a lot of little tours / exploring, to keep me motivated and interested in the bigger stuff too. On my blog and in my magazine articles I try to keep it to smaller rides to interesting destinations, to show people it’s not all about being “epic”, it’s about doing what works for you etc

    • For me a tour is anything that lasts more than one day. In my mind it’s using your bike to travel to a new or exciting destination where you plan on spending the night.