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    My wife and I frequently tour on our tandem. When we are doing a self supported trips, we use both a trailer and panniers. The trailer holds the camping equipment, and the panniers the rest.

    • What kind of trailer do you use?

      • We use the BOB, the original design. VERY happy with it. Besides traveling with it we use it to to go shopping with. Can hold 70 pounds of stuff, but we try to keep it closer to 1/2 of that, got some 12% climbs between the store and home. I Don’t think that we have had more the 50 pounds in it.

        • Nice. Those do seem like the original and the best!

          • Yes indeed, if I were to use a trailer on my next trip the BOB would be my first choice for touring (currently, not sure what the market has to offer when I am heading out)…

            BTW guys this was the first discussion on worldpedal that did not involve me (well now it does LOL) – Very happy to see real user to user interaction, a very big step for this community IMO! Thanks for your support! 🙂

            • It’s okay Toni, We’ll let you join in. LOL In my first posting I made it sound that we only use the BOB with the tandem. In fact we use it on all of our self supported trips. When using our singles I pull the BOB (with the camping equipment) and have a small set of panniers and my wife has a larger set of panniers.