• Hi Toni,
      This trip sounds very interesting. The price you are estimating is fair sounding. 29E at this time ≈ 41USD or about 580USD for the 14 days. I just checked airfare 1000+USD not counting shipping the bike and other luggage. Don’t think I can make it. Sorry

      • Yes me too I believe it’s priced very fair. Food is not cheap in germany and we want to prepare real good freshly cooked meals for our cyclists and the camper doesn’t run on water. Also we will have to buy a lot of gear so the first trip will not yield any profit for us according to my rough estimate, but thats ok money is really not my motivation…[Read more]

        • Our Santana is equipped with S&S couplers and breaks down and will fit into a VERY large suitcase. Of course that is just the bike, not any of the items added to the bike, i.e., fenders computers, rack, bags etc. When we purchased the bike, the suitcase just met the size limit for checked luggage, but now I’m not sure. I would hate to have the…[Read more]

  • What are the odds? Seems like 2 of the most active members: @dazweeja and @velocetera are both from Brisbane Australia 😀 – given the amount of members I mean (we just launched) – You guys could meet up and discuss all matters cycle touring or even go on a ride together testing out Darren’s new bike… Nice!

    • I have a feeling we are at opposite ends of the country, but we both have test tours to do! I was toying with the idea of a Tassie west coast ride next year at some stage, looks pretty cool

      • Is there more then 1 Brisbane in Australia? I just checked my stats and yesterday there were 2 australian visitors to worldpedal only and both came from Brisbane… Over the last 30 days there were also 9 visits from sydney and 5 from melbourne as well as a couple visits from all over the country (I am a freak for stats :D)…

        • cool. For some reason I thought he was in Tassie! 🙂

          • Tassie, I wish… Na, Brisbane for me, out on the Bay near Cleveland. Where are you located Leon? @velocetera

            • I live at Gaythorne mate. Any good riding over your way? I’ve been looking for somewhere new to go riding, getting a bit tired of the north-west side!

              • @velocetera Absolutely, anywhere around the bay is nice. I often ride Victoria Point, Cleveland Point, Wellington Point, Thornside Wynnum and Manly. There’s nothing like the view of the bay on a beautiful day.

                • cool. I occasionally head over the gateway, lytton rd, wynnum and down to Wellington Point for a coffee. This week I’m thinking of busting out a big loop down the M1 bikeway, through Daisy Hill Forest, back around the bay and back over the gateway. I’m hoping it will be a nice mix of road and dirt.

  • Darren posted an update in the group Group logo of WorldPedal Events and MeetingsWorldPedal Events and Meetings: 7 years ago

    Great idea Toni, I hope I’m around for one of them.

    • I hope so too Darren – we can turn this into a lot of fun, I think it should work perfectly if you hit Europe on the 1st of April… Going to post the first event soon for spring/summer next year (looking to combine this with another idea that needs more thought), just trying to collect interested folks for now… If we receive 50 “maybe’s”…[Read more]

  • I really hope that WorldPedal grows big enough to have real meetings with our members in the future. Here is one of my dreams I had for a VERY long time: 15-20 cycle tourists meet up at an agreed place and time to tour 2-3 small countries on our bicycles in a couple weeks together. I will join the event with my wife and our volkswagen camper/bus…[Read more]