• Brent (@journeymanjoly) is heading out on another long distance cycle touring trip very soon and he asked me to set up a new journal for him… So here is how the basic onsite can look like, almost all will be customizable (waiting for feedback from the user first lol). Keep watching that touring journal once it’s properly developed, maybe I get…[Read more]

  • @journeymanjoly Brent, where are you? Do we need to worry about you? Your Hempcycle Touring Blog hasn\’t been updated since 3 weeks and you haven\’t showed up here since 3 weeks as well… You doing Peyote in the desert or something LOL? Give us a sign of life, we have launched BTW! πŸ™‚

    • Hey Toni! I tried to reply earlier, but I was on the road, the site was down, blah blah. ANYWAYS you know what they say about excuses.
      I biked to the foot of the Rockies on my Hemp-wrapped Trek 520. 3500 kilometers over 2 months. Then I ditched all my gear in the woods and took a bus back home to Ottawa. It was too much gear, in excess of 60…[Read more]

      • Wow, you had some fun times and now great times ahead πŸ™‚ I wish I could just leave up north away from work and all – no worries about using another blog network… Brent when you find some time, post some pictures from your last trip in your profile! BTW I am looking into buying a recumbent as well, not sure when my next trip will be though,…[Read more]

        • There’s really nothing like it. My family has a hard time understanding how all I want to do with my life is bike everywhere, but I’m glad I can come here and have everyone be on the same page as me. You won’t believe this. My last bike, “Tina” was her name, the Trek 520 I rode out there. I gave directions to a transient I met in Banff. He…[Read more]

          • Wow this is great Brent!!! Would be cool if this bike changes a few more owners πŸ™‚ Seems like the bike itself might need a blog LOL – Yes I had the same reactions from family when I started traveling (was gone for years and I want to be back out there soon)

  • Toni Hoffmann posted a new activity comment 8 years, 1 month ago

    In reply to: Toni Hoffmann posted an update Alright! Done, for now (there will be further improvements)…. Proudly introducing the WorldPedal Dollar (WP$) :), you will be able to earn points for every post you make, if you […] View

    I added 7 points to every member that joined our bicycle touring network before today. As well I added another 18 points to our most supportive members so far, namely (but in no order): @velocetera , @alpakone , @journeymanjoly , @dazweeja and I allowed to add a few points to myself as well πŸ˜€

    • For running this site your points should be unlimited Toni. We all appreciate the hard work you put in!

  • @journeymanjoly Hey Brent – I see you logging in every other day πŸ™‚ – what#s up? Just checking in on the progress of the site? How is your book coming?

    Hope all is well with you.

    • yeah just checking it out, im sure there are so many nuts and bolts to work out that noone sees, but know we have respect for the work they deserve.
      i just picked up a second job to save for my next tour, and its a good thing ive developed the discipline i need to finish writing the book. im already into Saskatchewan now, just two more provinces,…[Read more]

      • Thanks πŸ™‚ – The whole site is based on Wordpress Multisite and some premium Plug-ins that cost money (every month) but make my life a lot easier, also my hosting is probably not the best possible (currently on shared hosting) as this site grows I will probably have to opt for a dedicated server to keep things run smoothly (like $200 a month…[Read more]

        • i’d feel much more important as one of the first pioneer blogists on worldpedal, than one of the 22 thousand users of crazyguyonabike. i would be honoured to journal through you fresh website and get things moving with the web’s most powerful tool: CONTENT! lol. already I am impressed by the layout and the features. im leaving sometime in april…[Read more]

          • Brent, thanks πŸ™‚ – looking forward for your powerful cycle touring content!

            If that is your final choice I will set up journeymanjoly.worldpedal.com for you when I got your confirmation…

            I hope as soon as I start “marketing” worldpedal we will have similar success in a few years (right now no-one really knows about this site – apart from…[Read more]

            • hey man, ive been doing some thinking about the blog title, maybe hempbike.worldpedal.com, or hempcycle.worldpedal.com, i’m not sure yet. im wrapping my trek 520 with hemp twine. its making for a very natural look and is covering all the branding on the frame, ill let you know when ive decided, but a second opiniononthe name would be nice. ive…[Read more]

              • LOL, you’re probably the first cycle tourist in the world that uses a hemp wrapped bmx to travel πŸ˜€

                Good news on the journal and you are welcome!!

                I like hempcycle better…

                Here are some more ideas :D:

                Potpedal , WeedSpeed, SpliffRider, JointJoliCruiser

                I’ll let you know if I have more ideas, btw are you looking for a more serious name??…[Read more]

                • LMAO those are some classic names bro
                  i don’t want to give off the wrong impression, my audience is everyone, stoners and sobers alike. i want to bridge the gap between the two.
                  btw im retiring my haro f4 bmx for the next tour, i have an orange trek 520 now. i like hempbike so far, just because of the simplicity. but its hard to speak it, with…[Read more]

                  • hehe, I do something similar for a living – branding stuff in a way LOL

                    hmmm in between names, not my speciality πŸ˜€

                    I agree about the pb issue, looks bad and its hard to pronounce…

                    I’ll try, how about: HempRaiser, SmokeySaddle oh and here is a pretty bad one Pedalfile πŸ˜€

                    oh gosh I think I can’t come up with something semi serious right…[Read more]