• Darren posted an update 6 years, 9 months ago

    Well, it’s been a while since I’ve been around mainly due to work commitments but now I’m free and my mega tour is coming around rather quickly. I fly out to New Zealand on the 17th of January for 8 weeks cycling bliss on the South Island before heading back to Australia for a short break then onto a flight bound for London.

    The European portion of my trip should last 6 to 7 months all going well visiting the UK, Ireland, France, Austria, Germany, The Nederland’s and hopefully Denmark. I cannot believe that I’m this close to the adventure of a lifetime kicking off.

    My blog can be found at http://www.cycletourer.blogspot.com. Feel free to take a look from time to time.

    • I guess I will see you soon Darren LOL…

      Nice Blog! I will certainly rethink the blog thing here at Worldpedal, probably a lot more userfriendly if I get a simple journal sort of set up on the main page rather then the subdirectory blogs, we’ll see…

      Hey you forgot your favourite site under favourite links 😀 hehe….

      • Fixed Toni, WorldPedal is now a favourite. I would have loved to use your blog but unfortunately I had committed too much time to Blogger. I will try and plug WP as much as possible as I wish to see this site grow.