• Darren posted an update 7 years, 1 month ago

    One week to go before my third Cycle Queensland kicks off. I’ll head out on the bike again tomorrow for one final preparation ride before servicing then boxing up for transit to the start in Goondoowindi.

    • I had to google this strange town name, seems like you made it more bizarre then it already is lol… Have FUN Darren and bring us something good 🙂

      • Whoops, I meant to delete those extra O’s (Goondiwindi not Goondoowindi)

        • Both sound like south africa LOL… When are you heading out on your cycle tour Darren? Is Cycle Queensland your mental preperation?

          • I’m planning on finishing work at Christmas and hitting London early April 2012. The three months between Christmas and April will be taken up touring here in Australia.

            I think the mental preparation will be groomed during the Australian leg of my tour.

    • My bike is in transit, one day of work remaining and then 9 days of cycling bliss.