• Darren posted an update 8 years ago

    I’m looking into installing a Hebie Steering Stabiliser to my tourer. Quite frankly I’m tired of the handlebars continually turning when to bike is on its stand. Has anybody tried these and are they worthwhile or should I bite the bullet and install a Tubus Lowrider kick stand to the front rack?

    • My wife has a steering stabiliser installed on her city bike… personally I find it to be slightly annoying while riding and I would say it will break after a few tousand kilometers on a tourer (just a feeling though)…

    • Never seen a steering stabiliser on a velo before! Had them on motorbikes though. My suggestion would be get the low rider stand – I would imagine on a tourer the subtle binding of the bearings into one spot while riding with the damper would munch through steerer bearings on a loaded bike. Maybe I’m being paranoid, but I’d be trying to to restrict the bearing movement as little as possible, particularly on a rigid form with tons of weight on it – needs all the deflection it can get. Be aware though I am totally obsessive compulsive about bearings and things like that tough – ask my riding mates – I’m unbearable!