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    I have just received an email from two French Cyclists cycling the world through warmshowers.org. They wish to stay with me in three weeks time when they reach Brisbane. This will be my first hosting experience as I only signed up about 10 weeks ago.

    I’m looking forward to the experience and hoping the timing works with my work travel schedule. Check them out here… http://www.tourdureve.blogspot.com/

    • Really cool!! My french is a little rusty πŸ˜€ but tell them about our small community when you see them :). I should get signed up as well at WS (yes shame on me I am not yet), I have been a hospitalityclub.org member since 2003 and that was all I ever needed if I needed a bed… Also I would like to push the Hospitality exchange at WorldPedal forward but it’s not so easy to do like I thought in the beginning. I currently favor Leon’s idea of all members on 1 map.. Maybe at the end of the year πŸ™‚ Or I could do a temporary simple list of members that are ready to host or want to be hosted, it’s still very manageable manually for now LOL

      • I think the wordpedal hospitality group is perhaps a very big task for you Toni. When you think about it, another group is perhaps reinventing the wheel a little bit. The worldpedal hospitality group could possibly work alongside already established hospitality orgs such as warmshowers and couchsurfing. In my mind the way this could work would be providing a world map as Leon suggested and members simply place themselves on the map in the vicinity of their home and tagging the placement with the group they are signed up with and their username. For example, mine would read Darren, warmshowers.org, Dazweeja.

        Just a thought.

        • I am really liking that idea Darren (not sure how it can be done yet though), thinking more about it, worldpedal could also be the source that combines ALL these hospitality sites out there increasing the chances that our members will find a host by A LOT.. The current problem is that there are too many hospitality exchange networks out there and some are very small only, but if you combine all of their member databases you’ll have a real powerful network and need not worry about finding a bed in almost any place in the world.. It would require working together with each of these sites but if I make clear that I am not trying to become a competition (if there is such thing LOL) but rather help them, that should open the doors. This needs a lot of thought. Thanks so much for the brainstorm help guys πŸ™‚ – It’s always appreciated!

      • Toni,

        I think that Darren has a good idea here. Just my 2 cents worth.


        • Thanks Gary. Thinking a little more about this topic, I guess a link could be quite easily be set up from the members tag on the world map to their hosting profile page.

          Toni, I can see this place becoming very, very popular. With that your workload will increase so I guess the less complex initial set up for you, and the more the members do for themselves, will be of benefit when worldpedal goes viral as they say….

    • Should be great fun. My French is pretty limited, I can *just* stumble by on it, but I make it known “je ne comprend pas”, followed by “Je suis de la grande poubelle” (I am a big rubbish bin). Usually breaks the ice πŸ˜‰

    • Actually if you’re up for it, I might even ride with you guys, I’ll be home alone for 3 weeks around that time. What would be rad is if I could grab some photos and chat with you all, a story about tourers / the internets bringing tourers together etc would be something cool for a few magazines I work with πŸ˜‰