• Long time, no post!! I will be having a bit more time for WorldPedal soon and will likely reopen registration in the next couple days :)

  • Hi everyone, I have disabled new sign-ups for WorldPedal until I find more time for this project, if you are reading this and weren’t able to sign-up please send me an email via the contact form and I will have you manually added asap.

    Greetings from the Philippines and Happy Touring :)

  • I am back and semi-settled in our new home (in the woods LOL)… Have been cleaning worldpedal for the past 5 hours from spam and still not done…

  • Anyone still around? Sorry for not finding the time currently to continue building out the site but it will stay open as is for now… I just bought a small house and I am back in my part time travelling mode (6 months here and there and 6 months home LOL)…

  • I have bought my first recumbent bicycle ever :) It’s a sort of short-trip-racer… Pictures to follow soon.

  • Hey Darren (@dazweeja), you landed in Europe yet?

    • Toni, at home at the moment. I arrive in London on Wednesday morning at 6:00am. Spending Easter in London then heading southwest to start my UK and Europe adventure. I arrive in France by ferry from Ireland on the 6th of July and will start making my way toward Germany from there.

  • Just going to say it, lol: WorldPedal.com needs help to become successful on the long run (brimming with members and useful bicycle touring features).

    I need people that share the same/similar vision as me and have time to spend with/for this project (unfortunately my daily time for World Pedal is very limited currently). Programming skills…[Read more]

  • Happy 2012 WorldPedalers!! :)

  • We just moved once again to another hosting set-up LOL, 3rd time I believe, not keeping track anymore… let’s see how it goes :)

    Hope you all had a great christmas!!

  • @alpakone I hate to say it but you have approved a bunch of spam comments in your blog, spammy comments and bot user registrations is a big issue here, I need daily 10 minutes just to clean it out… I am considering to transform the blogs into an internal thing rather then external, I realize it might not be that easy to handle for most people..…[Read more]

  • Toni Hoffmann posted an update in the group Group logo of WorldPedal.com – UpdatesWorldPedal.com – Updates 4 years ago

    WorldPedal is once again moving to another hosting environment today/tomorrow, the current hosting is just not working right for the site, endless support issues with no solution :( – Fingers crossed that it will improve things with the site and that all goes well! :)

  • Toni Hoffmann uploaded a new picture: Loooooong & Dus… 4 years ago

    Slept really well that night LOL, didn't even mind the usual smelly bedsheets in the "hotel" much… If I remember right, I was dusty/sweaty like this for 3 consecutive days.. hardly cycling 50km a day felt like +200km… but still good fun, anytime again :)

  • Toni Hoffmann posted an update in the group Group logo of WorldPedal.com – UpdatesWorldPedal.com – Updates 4 years ago

    Out of memory errors should be less frequent now :), got it hopefully solved now with the help of my host (so it seems)… Please message me if you still receive a lot of them…

  • Awfully quite around here :(… We simply lack members! New Goal: 1 fresh member per week :)

  • WP$ is back :)

  • There are some changes/updates happening the next days on WorldPedal – some features might appear broken for now – please bear with us :)

  • Me and my Ex-Girlfriend Agnès in China (2005) – We bought these cheapo bicycles with super cheapo equipment back in Thailand (2 bikes for Agnès since 1 got stolen). Good times – everything is edible the chinese taught us 😀 – I want to return to China so badly and tour the whole country when time allows – we were on our way back home to europe w…[Read more]

  • Anyone with road bikes here? I want to replace tires on 2 of my road bikes as they are super worn out. I am using both bikes for the city mainly with occasinonal day trips. There is a lot of broken glass and stuff in my city so a tire usually lasts only 2 seasons max. which is annoying me since they are not cheap. I am looking into cyclocross…[Read more]

    • How about Schwalbe Marathons or Continental Contacts Toni? I’m using them on my Kona road bike and Surly LHT with great success. No punctures to date.

      • Thanks Darren what exact dimensions are you using on both bikes? And is the Kona more of a real road bike or more of a bicycle touring type of road bike? The bikes I want to put the new tires on are a 90’s Bianchi and an 80’s Motobecane.

        • Im using 32mm on the Kona, it is a flat bar road bike. The Surly is running stock 35mm Conti’s. I was a little reserved about them when I got the bike but my view has changed for the better. In Australia they are better value then the Schwalbe’s.

          • I think the max I would be comfortable using would be 28mm each after all these are roadies LOL, not sure if I would be even able to fit 28mm, I need to check my exact rim with later. Currently one uses 23mm and the other 25mm.

    • I’m using CST (Cheng Shin Tire) Traveller 26 x 1.50. It has reached about 10000 km and still good.

      • Wow, 10,000km is excellent wear.

      • That is awesome indeed! Especially for Indonesian roads if I can compare them to other south east asian roads… Wishing you another 10,000km!!

      • Not for long-time touring, but only for everyday use. But sometimes once in 2 weeks or once a month I do a daytrip. Started in the morning and get home in the afternoon. More than 100 km in every daytrip I guess.

        • The worst wear-off for me is the city, I’d estimate that 10,000 km in the city mean already 2 new pair of tires, while 10,000 km touring the world should mean only 1 pair…

  • Robert @robjaxon8 intended to stay 1 night at our home on his cycle touring trip to Prague but we had to extend his visit a little because I made him taste a selection of german beers on his first night here LOL. We ended up not feeling to well both of us the next day, haha… It was serious fun having you over Robert! Come again with some more H…[Read more]

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