• Moments ago I have launched WorldPedal.com officially πŸ™‚ I am very happy about this move! Not sure why I didn’t do it earlier (it’s been around 8-9 months now that the site is around), I realized the pressure of new users will actually be beneficial to the project, perfection comes later LOL. I started a Facebook page and posted an update in my…[Read more]

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    hey toni thanks for the warm welcome,
    i refused to try other bikes while on the journey, because then i would have known what i was missing! there wasn’t much pain after i got started. i had a nice wide gel seat that i could sit upright on, but mostly stood up and pedaled most of the time.
    the way i justified it, i have half the size of wheels,…[Read more]

    • thanks for the kind words Brent, worldpedal might flow better and looks better compared to crazy guy but the content and value of information that crazy guy delivers will need quite some time to match πŸ™‚ – I am not trying to compete really, only want to co-exist and giving fellow cycle tourists a place to hang out after a hard day cycling LOL – I…[Read more]

      • cool man, i feel that tourers are the warmest people on earth always willing to help eachother, and youre no exception
        this is yet another reason for me to get my ass in gear and finish typing it up, i’d say im a quarter done, it needs to be done by april or may when i leave so by then’s the goal, keep sendin me those good vibes man, peace

        • I feel the same thing πŸ™‚ – maybe 1 jerk out of 300 only in cycle touring LOL – great ratio if you compare this to real estate agents πŸ˜€

          Good Luck with the writing and if you have any ideas/issues/problems/questions with/for the worldpedal site let me know πŸ™‚