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    A lot of functions are working again now. Worldpedal Wiki, Answers, User Blogs Chat Room and more are now back live 🙂 The rest will follow – Also @velocetera @tdottimster @rosebud @samdavenport @milongaroja and @pedalpowertouring profiles are now working again (not sure if the broken pictures and avatar issue can be fixed but we will try) 🙂 That should be all the member accounts that remained broken. If I missed someone let me know and we will add him back in too 🙂 Again a very big thank you to the Hostgator support and security team for helping me with this hack issue and also the rebuild. I believe the foundation on which the site is build now is a lot better then the initial set-up I made 10 months ago. Also you might have noticed that the speed and performance of the site improved by a lot so far, thanks to the new server 🙂 – I feel there are good times ahead for WorldPedal.com.

    • Hi Toni,

      Just to let you know, the site is loading VERY fast using Firefox.


    • Unfortunately I will not be able to recover the images in the members photo album as well as most member avatars :(. Good thing only 3 of us had made use of the picture album so far: Gary (2 pictures), Darren (16 pictures) and me (7 pictures)… The easiest way would be to copy all the descriptions and just reupload, but then the comments would be lost or we just comment again, kind of tedious too LOL… So the second best way would be if I receive all uploaded pictures and resize them manually in 3 formats each and upload via http://FTP... that should work in theory too… But will probably take hours… Seeing that Gary had no comments on his 2 pictures the easiest would be to copy the descriptions and title and delete them and reupload… But for Darren I need your opinion.. Very sorry about that hassle..

      • Hi,

        Toni, are you ready for uploading photos?

        Guys, may I suggest that we limit the size of the photos so not to load up Toni’s server with large files. I suggest that we limit the photos to no larger then 800 X 800. If you don’t have software for resizing your photos there are many free ones on line. Here are a couple
        IrfanView (http://www.irfanview.com)
        Picasa 3 (http://picasa.google.com)

        Picasa 3 is available for both Mac and PC.

        I use IrfanView for quick resizing and then save as a new file.

        Please remember that Toni is NOT providing a photo storage service.

        This is just my opinion and the final decision it up to Toni.


        • Totally ready 🙂

          Try 800×800 and let me know if that works for you – sounds fine for now we have a lot of room on this new server… The way it is set it should resize all uploads to 600×450 within the album and 150×150 for the thumbnail preview

          And very good news: I was able to find all old avatars in google’s image cache but they are generally of lower quality (a bit more pixely) then the originals so it would be good if you replace them to a higher resolution avatar.

          Also all the group Icons have been reuploaded 🙂 I changed some too…

          Tomorrow I will try to fix all the remaining broken images in posts and pages…