• Toni Hoffmann posted an update in the group Group logo of WorldPedal.com – UpdatesWorldPedal.com – Updates: 7 years, 6 months ago

    Very sorry guys, working on a very serious issue since 5 am this morning (german time)…

    The site got hacked overnight and the hackers deleted a lot of stuff – I am trying my best with the help of my host to restore as much as we can…

    Worst possible timing – just before the move to the better server 🙁

    Keep the faith!! We are doing our best!!

    • We are back online now 🙂 – 3 very painful days for me and our cycle touring community – A lot needs to be worked on still but I hope next week things will be back to “normal” (and better!)… We have lost some data and all user accounts created after may 13th couldn’t be recovered so far – still working on it but it’s not looking good to be honest, but we will find a solution for that. Just give me a few more days, I am excited to continue with you guys, please keep the faith 🙂

    • A big thank you to Hostgator! Without you guys I wouldn’t have been able to recover as much data as I did… Best support in the world and I have tried a few hosts already 🙂 – Enough for today, need some sleep!

    • Short update: I am still advancing with the rebuild even though the site looks the same like yesterday.. Just needs a bit more time 🙂