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    Guys, I just got a PM from Tim he is seeing this error message quite a few times: Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 62652416) ….. have gotten 2 more PMs regarding this already and yes I get it too sometimes… Just wondering how often you are seeing it now? Did it increase the last couple days for you? And also if site performance/speed is still acceptable/fun on your end? Seems like I need to move to a better server already – In the meantime I would recommend browsing WorldPedal with Google Chrome it is a lot faster and gives less errors…

    • I received a few errors over the weekend. Have stopped using everything but Chrome to view WorldPedal. Pages still load slow sometimes and then the next is spot on. It does not seem to matter what page I’m trying to load.

      • Yes this really messes with the user experience and we can’t expect everyone to use chrome – I finally made the move and upgraded to a way better hosting plan. Next week the site should perform a lot better (I mean I hope!)