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    Guys I would love to hear some feedback and could use a tester that has close to no experience with running a website himself. Not sure if you knew that we are planning to give out cycle touring journals, these will be real blogs under a subdomain like toni.worldpedal.com, you will get these cycle touring blogs for free once you reach a certain amount of WP$’s (to be determined but I will keep it low and easily reachable) – you will NEVER have to pay for hosting or for yearly domain fees (!!) – no worries – I want this service to be 100% free… I am currently working on the set up trying to make the admin area as simple and straightforward as possible, that’s the reason why I am looking for someone with little or no experience with running a site (so I can make it very user-friendly and not daunting for everyone according to the feedback I am getting). The blog will be wordpress based (as is the whole network BTW :)) so that is already the most user friendly CMS platform out there IMO… I have a lot of advanced themes but I chose the standard Wordpress theme for now with minor modifications, I think it looks okay but you be the judge, see @alpakone blog (the attached link). Let me know all your thoughts so far and if any of you would like to test things out let me know 🙂 Thanks!

    • Hi Toni,

      One thing (at this time) I would like to suggest that replying to a post that it is connected to the original thread and not the Activity page. For example Leon H. commented on something that was posted originally on the Why Bicycle Touring blog, but did it from the Activity page. I in turn responded to him and neither post is attached to the original thread. Maybe the Activity page could be used to show what threads have had recent activity and clicking on a topic on that page, it would take you to the thread and any replies made there.

      Again just my 2 cents worth, you can keep the change. LOL