• Hi Toni,
      This trip sounds very interesting. The price you are estimating is fair sounding. 29E at this time โ‰ˆ 41USD or about 580USD for the 14 days. I just checked airfare 1000+USD not counting shipping the bike and other luggage. Donโ€™t think I can make it. Sorry

      • Yes me too I believe it’s priced very fair. Food is not cheap in germany and we want to prepare real good freshly cooked meals for our cyclists and the camper doesn’t run on water. Also we will have to buy a lot of gear so the first trip will not yield any profit for us according to my rough estimate, but thats ok money is really not my motivation for this, I want to have a great time with friends and just enjoy the ride. I am sure I could find you guys a much better flight deal if ever you would want to come, and maybe the second WorldPedal Tour will be in the US ๐Ÿ™‚ – Always wondered if you could bring a tandem on a plane? Can you? Or is it too bulky?

        • Our Santana is equipped with S&S couplers and breaks down and will fit into a VERY large suitcase. Of course that is just the bike, not any of the items added to the bike, i.e., fenders computers, rack, bags etc. When we purchased the bike, the suitcase just met the size limit for checked luggage, but now I’m not sure. I would hate to have the inspectors open it and take the bike out of the case. There are 7 layers of foam with each layer holding the different parts of the the bike. The layers have to be packed in a certain order for it all to fit. I assembled the bike at the store when we picked it up, but have never taken it apart. So far have not had a reason to.