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    Spend most of my day screening every user account that was set up at World Pedal since I first opened the site in September 2010… There were a lot of spam accounts in there that I have deleted now (I used to allow automatic blog creation which attracted quite a few), but now we can be a 100% sure to have a perfectly clean list of people really interested in cycle touring and not spamming… We got 21 legit accounts now (including me and my wife Malaya), not many but I think it’s a great start already, as soon as I have all the ”core” elements ready I will start promoting our community more and hopefully get more users then. Was kind of sad to delete all these fake users but we are not going for quantity here like other sites, I will do my very best to keep the site moderated clean and if it becomes too much some day (I am sort of hoping) – I can maybe add some moderators then – We’ll see… If we could get all the 21 accounts active and contributing with their own bicycle touring experience we would have a nice small community going already… But even so we started to have a few ”regulars” that seem to enjoy this project very much. Keep the faith! Btw if you’re looking for the complete list of all members it’s found here: http://worldpedal.com/members/