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    We are a few only so far but I would love to hear how your experience regarding site load speed is currently (if you compare to your other regular sites, I know we load kind of slow) and also if you run into error messages often or just occasionally (yes there are some)? Or anything else that really bugs you about the site? I will have no choice but to upgrade to a dedicated server as we grow (hopefully) but I would like to delay this for as long as it’s possible. Also let me know which browser your using.. Cheers!! 🙂

    • Toni,

      I find that the site loads fastest using Chrome. Firefox is my default browser and I have also tried using IE. Both take a lot longer to load the site.

      What is the file size limit when uploading photos etc.? Had some memory errors trying to load the photos the other night until I re-sized them to no bigger then 800 x 600 or smaller.


      • Yeah Chrome and WorldPedal go REALLY well together so far 🙂 – Regarding uploads: There is currently no file size limit (need to decide on one though) but I limited the picture upload size, so 800×600 is a good size to upload for now… I will give it more thought and decide on the max dimensions.. I don’t want to have someone upload a lot of very big images/files on the server… I am not really sure what would be considered a standard picture size.. What dimensions (and file size) do your pictures on your HD have (approx.)?

        • My point and shoot digital produces a 4000 X 3000 pixel and over 5 MB image in highest quality. My DSLR produces 4608 X 3072 pixel at 7.5 MB. If I take that 7.5 MB file and shrink it to 800 X 600 it is now a 244 KB file. Considering that they are for viewing on the internet that should be fine. Another site I belong to limits images to 100 KB and 750 X 750.

          • Thanks Gary – yeah I can’t really accept so big images (this is not a stock image site LOL), I think I will have to wait and see once we have more members, what their reactions will be… I am not sure if many are “savvy” enough to shrink images or if the hassle might be too big for some… We’ll see 🙂

        • I have been uploading 900 x 600 pixel images @ 72 ppi which are around 250kb – 350kb each. I think I’ll reduce them to 600 x 400 pixels @ 72 ppi from now on. This should still give a postcard size print for around 75kb − 150kb.

    • Toni, I’m using Safari and although the site is not super fast it is generally good. Sometimes when I try to load a new page the page just freezes up. A quick fix for me is to cancel the request and select the page again. It has always loaded quickly the second time around.

      • My standard browsers are Firefox and Safari as well but since a few weeks I am really into Chrome, it is a lot faster for me to work on that site. Are you a mac user Darren or you just use an Ipad?

        • I use a PC at work and an iMac at home. My work PC is painful after using a no fuss mac.

          • LOL, I feel the same, I am on an Imac as well and got 2 more mac notebooks but also 2 windows laptops (need it for some programs) since I hate using parallels, in a perfect world all programs would work for mac and I would gladly get rid of any windows computers around here 😀 – are you going to bring your Ipad on your trip?

        • The iPad was a test for work, I loved it. I treated it like a diary with the bonus that it just happened to have access the web, receive emails, take photographs ……….. It is out being field tested with a Project Manager at present but the word on the street is that it will be returned to my possession permanently within two to three weeks. It endeared itself to me over the past two weeks that I will feel naked without it this week.