• Toni Hoffmann posted an update 7 years, 10 months ago

    @journeymanjoly Brent, where are you? Do we need to worry about you? Your Hempcycle Touring Blog hasn’t been updated since 3 weeks and you haven’t showed up here since 3 weeks as well… You doing Peyote in the desert or something LOL? Give us a sign of life, we have launched BTW! 🙂

    • Hey Toni! I tried to reply earlier, but I was on the road, the site was down, blah blah. ANYWAYS you know what they say about excuses.
      I biked to the foot of the Rockies on my Hemp-wrapped Trek 520. 3500 kilometers over 2 months. Then I ditched all my gear in the woods and took a bus back home to Ottawa. It was too much gear, in excess of 60 pounds between 4 panniers. Minimalist is my current goal. I have already bought my new bike, a Dragon Recumbent. got it used for a good price. Spent 100 bucks on my gear and I’m ready for the road again. But for now, I am heading up north to live with my Grandmother on her native reservation for an undetermined amount of time. I’ll come home to Ottawa sometime next year to start my new journey west. Third time’s a charm.
      Thanks for the consideration Toni. Please don’t take my hempcycle wordpress blog personally. I wanted to post with you, and I promise to next time.

      • Wow, you had some fun times and now great times ahead 🙂 I wish I could just leave up north away from work and all – no worries about using another blog network… Brent when you find some time, post some pictures from your last trip in your profile! BTW I am looking into buying a recumbent as well, not sure when my next trip will be though, hopefully next year, I really want to spend some time cycle touring and get away from the stress in modern society LOL..

        • There’s really nothing like it. My family has a hard time understanding how all I want to do with my life is bike everywhere, but I’m glad I can come here and have everyone be on the same page as me. You won’t believe this. My last bike, “Tina” was her name, the Trek 520 I rode out there. I gave directions to a transient I met in Banff. He went and found my bike, and kept riding it all the way to Victoria! That bike has a life of its own now. He offered to ride it home to me and even mail me the gear I left behind, but I told him it was all his now to use and give away as he sees fit. I’ll stay in touch Toni, I’m still thinking of blog names…

          • Wow this is great Brent!!! Would be cool if this bike changes a few more owners 🙂 Seems like the bike itself might need a blog LOL – Yes I had the same reactions from family when I started traveling (was gone for years and I want to be back out there soon)