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    I would love to hear comments on the current sign up process. I feel it’s not really straight forward and I am asking for too many fields for the initial sign up? What was your experience when you first signed up? Was it hard? Too long? I am worried some members might abandon the sign up process…

    • A few less fields might be good / a bit faster. A quicker sign up allows people to at least get in and have a look around, say hello etc.

    • Yes you are right, I will try to make it less fields, when I started the site I thought adding the hospitality exchange program already to the sign up is a good idea but I am not sure that’s the way to go (really have a hard time figuring this one out – hard to organize it properly, maybe a manual directory of people interested is best). I will go over the various sign up points later. Thanks for your feedback 🙂

      • If it’s any help, check out http://www.warmshowers.org for a hospitality share thing. You could do something pretty similar, even just a dot on a world map to show where people are and a link to their profile as a start?

        • Yes I have been looking at the map feature of warm showers before, that might work for starters, but I need to do some reading on google maps and brainstorming first, I would hate to be limited on the expansion at a later stage, not sure how to integrate something like this, also I guess I will need to make it mandatory to ask for the address while sign-up… Thanks for your help Leon 🙂