• Toni Hoffmann posted an update 8 years ago

    Happy Easter WorldPedal and WorldPedallers.

    Tuesday morning I will be in the hospital for a week, wish me luck.. 🙂

    Unable to cycle even small distances atm, hopefully once all the stuff is fixed I can go on another cycle touring trip, seems like I will not be able before the summer is over, have a hard time breathing.

    • shoot toni i wish you the best in a speedy recovery. touring takes a heavy toll on the body, and i cant imagine being trapped in a body that wouldnt let me tour. there is much honour in connecting all of us through this site though, and i commend your efforts. I am 16 days into my tour so far, and have 850km under my belt. ive been thinking about a blog, but i believe i should youtube it this time. a wider audience, and even my younger brother can enjoy. get better buddy!

      • the tonsil thing is already healed, just need to wait a few more month before they can work on the nose lol.. tomorrow another root channel treatment, man that stuff seriously hurts… good to hear you are already touring again, you can post your youtube videos here! 🙂 – or better yet just put the videos on a blog here, I will design you a nice template to your likings 🙂