• Anyone with road bikes here? I want to replace tires on 2 of my road bikes as they are super worn out. I am using both bikes for the city mainly with occasinonal day trips. There is a lot of broken glass and stuff in my city so a tire usually lasts only 2 seasons max. which is annoying me since they are not cheap. I am looking into cyclocross…[Read more]

    • How about Schwalbe Marathons or Continental Contacts Toni? I’m using them on my Kona road bike and Surly LHT with great success. No punctures to date.

      • Thanks Darren what exact dimensions are you using on both bikes? And is the Kona more of a real road bike or more of a bicycle touring type of road bike? The bikes I want to put the new tires on are a 90’s Bianchi and an 80’s Motobecane.

        • Im using 32mm on the Kona, it is a flat bar road bike. The Surly is running stock 35mm Conti’s. I was a little reserved about them when I got the bike but my view has changed for the better. In Australia they are better value then the Schwalbe’s.

          • I think the max I would be comfortable using would be 28mm each after all these are roadies LOL, not sure if I would be even able to fit 28mm, I need to check my exact rim with later. Currently one uses 23mm and the other 25mm.

    • I’m using CST (Cheng Shin Tire) Traveller 26 x 1.50. It has reached about 10000 km and still good.

      • Wow, 10,000km is excellent wear.

      • That is awesome indeed! Especially for Indonesian roads if I can compare them to other south east asian roads… Wishing you another 10,000km!!

      • Not for long-time touring, but only for everyday use. But sometimes once in 2 weeks or once a month I do a daytrip. Started in the morning and get home in the afternoon. More than 100 km in every daytrip I guess.

        • The worst wear-off for me is the city, I’d estimate that 10,000 km in the city mean already 2 new pair of tires, while 10,000 km touring the world should mean only 1 pair…

  • Ok the basic set-up of the review section is ready (just a little empty for now) – All Bicycle Touring Reviews are welcome (just join this group and let us know what you’d like to review beforehand), Gary made a great start yesterday 🙂 – Me too I will try to write some reviews myself when I find the time..

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  • I’d love to help out where I can. Perhaps my first review could be of my GPS after a couple of months trial. Lets see how I go….

    • That’d be awesome Darren! I think Gary was kind of interested as well, at least he left a huge write up the other day about his GPS’s (what’s the plural of GPS again? LOL). Also if you have any idea how the review section should be implemented best let me know, this site is slowly becoming a monster!

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