Why tour on a bicycle?

If this question has been haunting you ever since you were introduced to the weird world of bicycle tourists, you can be assured of getting it answered here. There are many reasons why people tour on bicycle. In fact, most bicycle tourists travel for a variety of reasons. Following are the main reasons why people tour on bicycles.

Beautiful Road For Bicycle Touring

One Of My Reasons For Bicycle Touring - Discovering Beautiful Empty Roads

* Traveling on bicycle is one of the most pleasurable activities you will ever encounter in your life. The very fact that you may not be able to enjoy five star luxuries while you are on such a trip makes it so fulfilling. People who sleep poorly at night and have poor appetites sleep like a baby as they are lulled into a dreamless state by the music of the insects and the darkness of the camps. After you wake up in the morning to the chirping of birds, you quickly pack your sleeping bag, tent, mattress and other gear into your panniers and set on for the ride. You stop at pretty points on the way, especially scenic areas like lakes, gardens and parks and enjoy the atmosphere. If you love history, you can park your bike on the side of the road and hop over to museums and historic sites. At lunch time, go into the nearest supermarket, buy yourself sandwich materials and sit at a park and have lunch. You can then start riding your bike again. When the lights slowly disappear, think about where you can spend the night, prepare a simple meal, have your supper and read or listen to music. Then as night falls, you can just go to sleep. Isn’t the whole day so simple yet so satisfying? This is the main reason why you will find so many bicycle tourists going on long tours.

* Another important reason why people tour on bicycles is the freedom. You can decide whether you want to go fast or slow, whether you would love to go inside a particularly interesting historical site or not or which diner you want to eat dinner at. Bicycle tour is all about you and what you want. You can rest frequently on days you feel a little lazy or you may even go for a complete rest day whenever you want or you may decide to ride 180 km in a single day! Do what you want. Can you expect this kind of freedom if you travel by bus, train or air?

*  People on bicycles are an instant icebreaker. You will not have any difficult spotting a fellow bicycle tourist on the way. Striking up a conversation, sharing a laugh and generally meeting lots of new people is so much fun on bicycle tours. You will also find that there is no shortage of curious locals who would love you to tell them where you are coming from and where you are headed. You will also get used to sudden unexpected offers of cold beer, meals and hot showers from complete strangers.

*  Whatever traveling plans you make involving rails, planes, and buses, it will require a substantial budget. A bicycle tour lets you travel on a really tight budget. If you are really pinchy with money, you can tour the country with almost no cost incurred other than your meals. But if saving money and travelling on a shoestring budget is not really why you want to tour on bicycles, you could spend money on good meals at nice restaurants on the way and stay the night at decent hotels.

* Touring on bicycles is environment- friendly and the best way to travel.