Types of bikes used for touring

If you ask anyone whether they know how to ride a bicycle, he or she will most probably say, “Of course, I learnt as a kid!” But ask them to ride one, and 95% of them would either wobble or fall down! The truth of the matter is that, though most people do learn to ride bikes early in life, most don’t continue with it and hence forget how to. If you are someone like that, you will be pleased to know that bicycling ain’t for children only! Lots of adult men and women have a whale of a time every year as they go on bicycle tours- single or with a touring companion. It’s a lot of fun to travel to places on bikes- not only does it save a number of dollars on gas bills, it also lets one enjoy the natural beauty of the place a lot more. If you are planning to make a bicycle tour, you will need a bicycle for it. This article will tell you about the different kinds of bikes that are used for touring.

Touring Bike

A Beautiful Touring Bike - Pannier Ready

Diamond frame bikes
: This is the kind of bike that comes to mind of most people when they hear the word “bicycle”. It is the old- fashioned bike that is simple and non- pretentious, and is far away from the fully- powered bikes of today. But don’t get us wrong. A lot of bicycle tour- enthusiasts love this kind of bike and would rather die than exchange it for one of the fashionable ones! If you are going to buy this bike, the most important consideration you have to keep in mind is the handlebars. Select handlebars well and you can be assured of a much smoother ride. Why are they so important? Well, when you are on a bike for 8- 9 hours everyday, you will want your hands to be placed in different kinds of positions. A bike that lets you do that is wonderful. Invest in a bike that lets you change the position of the handlebar easily.

Mountain bikes: This kind of bike has been designed especially for use in mountainous terrain. They have special features that make riding a bike in the mountains easier. It comes with flat tires which have a very strong grip; this makes it easier to ride on mountainous terrain that is uneven and rocky. This is a popular choice with a lot of bicycle tourists because it is fit to be used in mountain tours as well as city tours.

Recumbent bikes: This is another popular choice for bicycle tourists as not only does it ensure a comfortable ride, but it also offers greater visibility on the road. What’s more, you will also feel that you are better able to handle headwinds on one of these, which are oh- so- common!

There are other varieties of bikes available as well as most brands bring out new bikes with new and improved features every year. Buy a bike that not only suits your touring plans, but your budget as well.

There will be a continuation to this article… stay tuned for Touring Bike Types Part 2