Recumbent Bike Bicycle Touring

Touring on a recumbent bike A popular choice with many bicycle tourists, the recumbent bike, is a comfort bike. It is actually a human- powered vehicle that offers you the comfort and style of a motorcycle. It lets you exercise as well as go on tours to places far and wide- without any cost incurred […]

Touring Bike Types Part 1

Types of bikes used for touring If you ask anyone whether they know how to ride a bicycle, he or she will most probably say, “Of course, I learnt as a kid!” But ask them to ride one, and 95% of them would either wobble or fall down! The truth of the matter is that, […]

Stealth Camping

Stealth camping: Right or wrong? If you are someone who is a new bicycle tourist and just starting out, then you must have heard of the term “Stealth camping”. Yes? Well, stealth camping is when you camp at a quiet place, spend a night there and leave without leaving any evidence of you ever being […]

Bicycle Touring Companion

Choosing the right bicycle touring companion is not a cakewalk If you are someone who is tired of travelling alone on bicycle tours, you may be looking for a touring companion. But wait! This is not a matter that is unimportant, in fact choosing a touring companion may make or break your tour. There are […]

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