BOB YAK Trailer Review

B.O.B YAK Trailer Review This Review was written by WorldPedal Member Gary Rose. The B.O.B YAK is a single wheel trailer that’s fork attaches to the bike at the rear axel using either a special quick release (included in purchase) or with special nuts for bolt on axels. The fork is held on to the […]

Bicycle Touring Panniers

How to choose a set of panniers for your bicycle tours? Panniers are nothing but saddlebags used for bicycles. Though panniers are not required at all if you use your bike for traveling from your home to work everyday and back, they are an extremely important item for bicycle tourists. A lot of people are […]

New Gallery Feature

June 13 2011: This feature has been reworked, will update this post asap. I am happy to announce that you can now upload all your photos, videos and even audios from your Bicycle Touring Adventures to WorldPedal.com and you can also comment on all the uploaded media across the entire worldpedal community. Just go to […]

Stealth Camping

Stealth camping: Right or wrong? If you are someone who is a new bicycle tourist and just starting out, then you must have heard of the term “Stealth camping”. Yes? Well, stealth camping is when you camp at a quiet place, spend a night there and leave without leaving any evidence of you ever being […]

Bicycle Touring Companion

Choosing the right bicycle touring companion is not a cakewalk If you are someone who is tired of travelling alone on bicycle tours, you may be looking for a touring companion. But wait! This is not a matter that is unimportant, in fact choosing a touring companion may make or break your tour. There are […]

Daily Cycle Touring Distance

Tips on calculating the average daily distance during a bicycle tour This is perhaps the most common concern of new bicycle tourists: what distance should they be travelling everyday on their bikes? Well, the right answer to it is that the ideal distance is one which the person travelling is comfortable with and which meets […]


Dealing With A Headwind While Bicycle Touring As someone who has a bit of experience in bicycle touring, I can say that dealing with a strong headwind is one of the biggest problems that I have faced while being on the road. It can actually seem cruel to be faced with a headwind that is […]

Bicycle Touring Reviews

We have started to implement the first Cycle Touring Reviews and also started to categorize it… If you would like to volunteer for this new section of WorldPedal.com please contact me (Toni) It’s not much, but it’s a start (still a one man job): Bicycle Touring Reviews Also if you would like to review anything […]

Bicycle Touring Blogs

Create your own FREE Bicycle Touring Blog with WorldPedal.com Great news guys, WorldPedal.com helps you to save a lot of $$’s every year on Hosting, Webdesign and Domain Charges with a own Bicycle Touring Blog!! Yes it’s true we have now set-up the option to create your own personal Bicycle Touring Journal with UNIQUE URL […]

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