Why Bicycle Touring

Why tour on a bicycle? If this question has been haunting you ever since you were introduced to the weird world of bicycle tourists, you can be assured of getting it answered here. There are many reasons why people tour on bicycle. In fact, most bicycle tourists travel for a variety of reasons. Following are […]

Touring Bike Types Part 1

Types of bikes used for touring If you ask anyone whether they know how to ride a bicycle, he or she will most probably say, “Of course, I learnt as a kid!” But ask them to ride one, and 95% of them would either wobble or fall down! The truth of the matter is that, […]

Single Wheel Bicycle Trailer

Is travelling with a single wheel trailer a good idea? I know for a fact that most first- time bicycle tourists use saddlebags to carry their loads. I did so myself, but that was years back. I then slowly warmed up to the idea of single wheel trailers. It is a wonderful way of carrying […]

Daily Cycle Touring Distance

Tips on calculating the average daily distance during a bicycle tour This is perhaps the most common concern of new bicycle tourists: what distance should they be travelling everyday on their bikes? Well, the right answer to it is that the ideal distance is one which the person travelling is comfortable with and which meets […]

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