Touring on a Recumbent Trike- Is it any fun?

Going on bicycle tours is not only a way of travelling for almost no cost, it is also a wonderful way of enjoying the tour a lot more. Bicycle tours are increasingly becoming popular among people who like the fact that they are travelling in such an environment- friendly way and enjoying themselves at the same time. If you have ever gone on a bicycle tour yourself, you must be aware of the fact that your arms and legs are not exactly going to thank you after you bike for 8 to 9 hours each day. That is the reason why a lot of bicycle enthusiasts are opting for the recumbent trike as a touring vehicle, instead of the traditional upright bicycles. So is touring on a recumbent trike any fun? Let’s find out.

Recumbent Bike Bicycle Touring

Ideal Recumbent Bike For Bicycle Touring

If you are planning to go on a longish tour, a recumbent trike may just be the thing you need. Recumbent trikes are actually designed to relieve all the parts of the body of any strain, making them comfortable and stress- free. It lets you ride without any discomfort. Following are a few pointers on why investing in a recumbent trike is a good idea if you love going on bicycle tours.

1 ) This kind of bike spreads your body weight over a much larger surface area than traditional bicycles. This lets you experience a strain- free comfort. Most importantly, your rear area feels almost no strain at all.

2 ) Recumbent bikes come with an extremely comfortable seat. This means almost no pain in the back, neck, shoulders and posterior.

3 ) Since you will not be putting your body weight on your wrist while riding a recumbent trike, you will experience no feeling of numbness. Therefore, no wrist pain as well.

4 ) The very design of recumbent trikes allows you to ride in a heads- up position. This makes you able to enjoy the scenery a whole lot more than traditional bikes.

5 ) The low seat which comes close to the ground does by no means make you feel threatened. Other drivers will rather give you a wide berth because you will be travelling on a vehicle that is still unique on roads. So if you are worried that other cars will see right through you because of the recumbent trike, you are wrong. Still worried? Then wear hi- wiz color tee- shirts. They will enable you to be seen from far.

6 ) The smaller frontal area of trikes makes them aerodynamically superior to bikes. This allows them to be faster, contrary to popular opinion.

7 ) God forbid, if you are in an accident, your feet will fall first to the ground, instead of your head, which is a lot less dangerous.

8 ) The feet- up position of the trike lets blood circulate through the body better, which thereby provides more oxygen to the muscles and helps prevent pains and strains.

9 ) It is almost impossible for you to flip forward on one of these, an incident that is common with traditional bicycles.

10 ) The stability a recumbent trike offers makes it comfortable to use it to ride on whatever terrain your tour may lead you to. In case you are traveling in winter, you will find that riding on ice on a trike is a lot of fun!

11 ) With almost no road friction, recumbent trikes just offer a better, smoother and a more comfortable ride.

Lots of manufactures have good recumbent trikes in their product lines, out of which the Greenspeed trikes, Catrike Road and Organic Engines trikes, Wizwheelz trikes and Trimuter trikes are definitely worth a mention.