Bicycle touring on a folding bike

If you are a bicycle enthusiast, you must have heard of folding bikes. Many people who like going on bicycle tours are opting for these bikes. But are these any good? Let’s find out.

folding bike bicycle touring

A Folding Bike Suited For Bicycle Touring

Folding bikes are nothing but bikes that come with detachable parts. You have to attach the parts once you are ready to ride. But the reason why most people shy away from folding bikes is because they are considered as old- fashioned. Well, they are not. There are many reasons why folding bikes are a good idea for tours. Here are a few.

1) They are a lot more compact than full- sized bikes. This makes them easier to handle.

2) They are lightweight.

3) You will not have one of these stolen from under your nose during one of tours. Why? Because it will never leave your eyes. You are going to have your bike stationed right in fort of you all through your tour.

4) Forget rickety, heavy folding bikes of yore. Welcome the powerful folding bikes of today. All bicycle companies have strong folding bikes that are lightweight. If you buy a good quality one, folding the bike will not be much of a trouble.

5) If you think that this kind of bike will make you fall off it or give you an uncomfortable ride, you are wrong. Folding bikes comes in a wide variety of models that optimize on size, functionality, performance and price.

6) You can forget about locking your bike! Yes, that’s right. There is no question of locking your folding bike, when you can just fold and go to sleep at night.

Folding bikes are perfect for light and easy tours. But of course, it would be a mistake to take one of these on a week- long trip! But for weekend trips, a folding bike will serve you just fine.