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New Gallery Feature

June 13 2011: This feature has been reworked, will update this post asap.

I am happy to announce that you can now upload all your photos, videos and even audios from your Bicycle Touring Adventures to WorldPedal.com and you can also comment on all the uploaded media across the entire worldpedal community.

Just go to your profile page and you will find a link saying create new gallery and all the rest should be self explainatory, but if you run into any bugs or have questions please let me know using the comment field below this post or PM me and I will help you as soon as possible.

Here is a sample gallery I uploaded yesterday: Touring Bicycle Pictures (LOL basically a bunch of pictures of my touring bicycle in front of road signs)

And on the main page World Pedal will always showcase 5 random galleries with media, if you click on the pictures directly you will see a pop up window showing you the contents of the cycle touring gallery and if you click on the link below you will be redirected to the actual album page of that member.

More to come friends, stay tuned!

Now enjoy and keep uploading.

Toni 🙂

Bicycle Touring Reviews

We have started to implement the first Cycle Touring Reviews and also started to categorize it…

If you would like to volunteer for this new section of WorldPedal.com please contact me (Toni)

It’s not much, but it’s a start (still a one man job):

Bicycle Touring Reviews

Also if you would like to review anything that relates to the world of bicycle touring please don’t be shy to contact me, we’ll get your review out there asap…

Talk to you soon…

UPDATE: 25th of September we have our first volunteer, he should be submitting his first review very soon 🙂

If you are up for this please contact me, I would even be willing to pay you a bit for the first few reviews just to get this section active…

Toni 🙂

Bicycle Touring Blogs

Create your own FREE Bicycle Touring Blog with WorldPedal.com

Great news guys,

WorldPedal.com helps you to save a lot of $$’s every year on Hosting, Webdesign and Domain Charges with a own Bicycle Touring Blog!!

Yes it’s true we have now set-up the option to create your own personal Bicycle Touring Journal with UNIQUE URL like in our sample toni.worldpedal.com (sorry for the plain look for now, I will work on it as soon as all the other features are finished).

Share it with your Family, Loved ones and friends and let them know daily what you’re up to on your Bicycle Touring Trip (do I need to mention they will appreciate this very much?).

This is totally BETA Stage still, so please email me using our contact form if you want your own personal bicycle touring blog to be up and running at no cost of course!!

I will walk you thru all steps necessary even if it takes me all day to teach you 🙂

Talk to you soon…


Features for our World Pedaling Community


please let me know whatever features you’d like to see added for our Bicycle Touring Community, just post a reply to this post or Private Message me.

I have many ideas I am working on getting implemented at the moment but I am always ready to listen to your suggestions to make this the best resource and community website for long distance cyclists/adventurers.

Don’t be shy to suggest your ideas…

Looking forward to hear from you.



World Pedal

Welcome to WorldPedal.com the Bicycling around the World Community,

I am excited to make this very first post here, as you long distance cyclists know it starts with a first small step…

This community will help you make the best of your cycling trips around the world, share your experiences, learn from other cyclists and so much more.

We have a lot of features planned and I am doing my best to realize all the ideas!!

See you on the road and in this bicycle touring network called WorldPedal.com 🙂


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