How to choose upright saddles for touring

A lot of people look at the seats of the latest mountain bikes and wonder what kind of an obviously demented person designed such a torture device. It’s quite an understandable reaction because the saddles of mountain bikes don’t look exactly comfortable. But you should know that the design has been developed after centuries of research on what a bicycle saddle should be like. If bicycle touring is your passion, then choosing the right saddles for your bike is extremely important. The right saddle will ensure that your tour is a comfortable one and causes the least bit of strain and discomfort to you.

Bicycle Touring Saddle

Many Bicycle Tourists Use Old Fashioned Leather Saddles

The bicycle seat has taken quite a lot of crap. It has been attributed to be the cause of various problems including numbness, prostrate problems, boils, chafing,, infections and even impotency! You name the problem and someone will have blamed it on his bicycle seat! Some criticism for the seat is actually justified, considering that few people give little thought to it while buying a bicycle, assuming that if they are paying good money for a bicycle, then will be getting a good saddle automatically. But it doesn’t work that way. Once you buy a bike and start riding it and clocking long miles with it immediately, you will most probably feel aches and pains. If you are lucky, these aches and pains will go away with time, but if not, you will find yourself difficult to get up in the morning. Paying attention to the kind of saddle you buy is of utmost importance if bicycle touring is your hobby. Here are tips. Have a look.

1) Just because a particular seat looks horrifying, don’t assume it is a stinker. These days’ manufacturers make seats with a lot of head behind it, and there must be a reason why they have released the particular seat for public consumption.

2) If you are a fast rider, you should be looking for a narrow, racing- style seat. These kinds of seat lets you paddle more vigorously and lets you spin faster.

3) The seat must fit in with the kind of anatomy you possess. A great way of checking to see whether a particular seat fits your anatomy is to sit on it and then  get up after a while. If it suits you, you will see the rear supporting your sit bones. If you look closely, you will se that the sit bones make small dents on the saddle.

If you are facing a lot of saddle sores while bicycle touring, here are things you can do to get relief:

1) Ride more. Sometimes it may be that you just haven’t ridden enough. When you ride more, your body gets used to the exercise and you feel more comfortable with time.

2) Invest in a pair of high- quality bicycle shorts. This is important.

3) Buy a suspension seatpost. It will cost around $150 but will go a long way in taking away the sores from your rides.