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Great news guys, helps you to save a lot of $$’s every year on Hosting, Webdesign and Domain Charges with a own Bicycle Touring Blog!!

Yes it’s true we have now set-up the option to create your own personal Bicycle Touring Journal with UNIQUE URL like in our sample (sorry for the plain look for now, I will work on it as soon as all the other features are finished).

Share it with your Family, Loved ones and friends and let them know daily what you’re up to on your Bicycle Touring Trip (do I need to mention they will appreciate this very much?).

This is totally BETA Stage still, so please email me using our contact form if you want your own personal bicycle touring blog to be up and running at no cost of course!!

I will walk you thru all steps necessary even if it takes me all day to teach you 🙂

Talk to you soon…