BOB YAK Trailer Review

B.O.B YAK Trailer Review This Review was written by WorldPedal Member Gary Rose. The B.O.B YAK is a single wheel trailer that’s fork attaches to the bike at the rear axel using either a special quick release (included in purchase) or with special nuts for bolt on axels. The fork is held on to the […]

Bicycle Touring Planning

Before you go Bicycle Touring In the present days of fast-paced life, trudging on a bicycle along dusty roads may seem an anachronistic activity. However, there are several people, who like to be close to nature and are driven by the passion to explore. For them bicycle touring is a fun-filled experience, where pedaling away […]

Bicycle Touring Panniers

How to choose a set of panniers for your bicycle tours? Panniers are nothing but saddlebags used for bicycles. Though panniers are not required at all if you use your bike for traveling from your home to work everyday and back, they are an extremely important item for bicycle tourists. A lot of people are […]

Bicycle Touring Saddle

How to choose upright saddles for touring A lot of people look at the seats of the latest mountain bikes and wonder what kind of an obviously demented person designed such a torture device. It’s quite an understandable reaction because the saddles of mountain bikes don’t look exactly comfortable. But you should know that the […]

Why Bicycle Touring

Why tour on a bicycle? If this question has been haunting you ever since you were introduced to the weird world of bicycle tourists, you can be assured of getting it answered here. There are many reasons why people tour on bicycle. In fact, most bicycle tourists travel for a variety of reasons. Following are […]

Recumbent Trike Bicycle Touring

Touring on a Recumbent Trike- Is it any fun? Going on bicycle tours is not only a way of travelling for almost no cost, it is also a wonderful way of enjoying the tour a lot more. Bicycle tours are increasingly becoming popular among people who like the fact that they are travelling in such […]

Recumbent Bike Bicycle Touring

Touring on a recumbent bike A popular choice with many bicycle tourists, the recumbent bike, is a comfort bike. It is actually a human- powered vehicle that offers you the comfort and style of a motorcycle. It lets you exercise as well as go on tours to places far and wide- without any cost incurred […]

Folding Bike Bicycle Touring

Bicycle touring on a folding bike If you are a bicycle enthusiast, you must have heard of folding bikes. Many people who like going on bicycle tours are opting for these bikes. But are these any good? Let’s find out. Folding bikes are nothing but bikes that come with detachable parts. You have to attach […]

Touring Bike Types Part 1

Types of bikes used for touring If you ask anyone whether they know how to ride a bicycle, he or she will most probably say, “Of course, I learnt as a kid!” But ask them to ride one, and 95% of them would either wobble or fall down! The truth of the matter is that, […]

Bicycle Touring Journals

How to write a bicycle touring journal? The title may make you think whether riding a bicycle has anything to do with being a good writer. To clear your doubts at the beginning, it does not. You really don’t need to be Charles Dickens to enjoy going on bicycle tours! A lot of people writing […]

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